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CheggMate affiliate program

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What should I do next?

1. Sign up at Lemon Squeezy (our payments system handler)

First, sign up at - affiliates.lemonsqueezy.com, and apply to become an affiliate.

Lemon Squeezy reviews and vets every new applicant to the affiliate's platform. Once applied, you will have to wait for acceptance from Lemon Squeezy.

2. Join CheggMate Affiliate Program

Visit the direct link to our program - link.

After completing a very short form, you will get your ref link like cheggmate.ai/?aff=YOUR_CODE.

3. Spread the word

Step One


Do what you do best, pull out your phone and start creating!

Step Two


Create content for your audience.

More Info

If you need more information regarding the Lemon Squeezy affiliate program, check out the guide here on the Lemon Squeezy website.